ARD: An Innovative Solution

ARDSupplementSystemAlcyone Technology is a Canadian founded life enhancement and biotechnology company.  Our comprehensive ARD system offers solution oriented consulting and training services and products to government and private organizations looking to create or further evolve existing radicalization prevention programs.

We provide NHP (Natural Health Product) solutions, training in our psycho-social intervention program, training in complex counter-narrative strategies, youth self-empowerment training and personal development consulting from experts trained by America’s leading prosperity teachers.

Alcyone Radical Detox – ARD

Alcyone Technology’s innovative approach through its comprehensive ARD system for candidates consisting of neurobiological support, psycho-social intervention, and effective counter-narratives has helped inhibit religiopolitical radicalization at its earliest stages since 2006.

Alcyone Technology’s comprehensive ARD system comprises of the following three level support system for candidates:

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i. Twelve-step psycho-social intervention program based on the findings of leading motivational and self-help experts in personal development

ii. Counter-narrative to extremist ideology and religiopolitical radicalization based on the teachings of one of the world’s leading and most recognized experts on faith

iii.  Neurobiological support – CBFC support regarding neurotransmitter balance for candidates through providing information from some of the worlds leading neuroscientists and scholars on relevant neurobiology, and the role of neurotransmitters in ensuring optimal brain functioning. Candidates are required to complete tests designed by leading neuroscientists to help health care partners identify neurotransmitter deficiencies, and provide candidates with NHP solutions. Candidates are provided resources on the power of the human mind, importance of creating a positive self-image, steering clear of the dangers of negative forms of self defeating self-hypnosis, and the role of the conscience and subconscious mind in creating human behavior.